Month: October 2016

How To Discipline Your Cat

The trick in being able to discipline your cat really should come with an understanding that it’s not easy to discipline a cat. When a cat owner learns this, they learn to be cool, calm and persistent. Unlike reptiles or birds, cats can be trained just like dogs.

We should recognise that a good place to start is to use methods that the cat will want to respond to. We know that usually a cat won’t respond unless it’s in the cat’s best interests to do so. Of course the best way to get your cat to respond is in a non violent way. What we can use is the check element of surprise. This seems to work quite well in mildly shocking the cat into being compliant.

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Remember that it’s important to use this technique at the time that the cat is being naughty and not after the offence otherwise the disciplinary action won’t be related to the act that the cat has committed. For example, If you has a soft bean bag that you could hurl in the direction of the cat, it would help the cat to realise that you do not approve of it’s actions. Be sure not to hit your cat with the bag. Just use it as an element of surprise.

A good way to have your cat stay away from an area that you don’t want it to be in is to use strong scents and smells that cat’s don’t like. Cats are known not to really like citrus as in lemon, limes and oranges.