Month: December 2016

Getting to Know Your Cat – Learning To Understand

As with any other pet, for cats pet care is important. I’m sure that most cat owners understand that cats can be quite sensitive. Cats might not always use a meow or some kind of vocal sound as a form of communication to other cats. It’s important for us as humans to start to look deeper into the actions of your cat to try and understand where it’s coming from and the message it is trying to give. In other words, get to know how to read your cat’s signs.

The more time we spend with our cats the more we will be able to understand the difference between the natural behaviour of the cat and bad habits that the cat picks up. it’s important to make these distinctions because trying to train a cat to do something that doesn’t align with its natural behaviour will be confusing and will cause resistance. It’s a good idea to do a little bit of research online about the behavioural patterns of your cat so that you can understand what is natural and what is not. Cats usually behave by instinct and it’s good to identify how your cats instincts work.

A good for example of how cats natural instincts work is to take a look at the common litter box. Cats really enjoy going through loose textured material especially when they’re looking for a spot to do their business. This is why kitty litter makes such a useful toilet for your cat. Same type of thing is when your cat is playing with your carpet pile or a ball of wool or some socks. All of these things have high level of fascination for your cat and being able to indulge your cat in playing with these things usually brings total joy to cats.

The vocal expressions your cat uses can also be a great help in getting to know what your cat is trying to say. In time you will be able to to get a very good idea of the different sounds your cat makes and what it meaning to tell you.

Have Fun With Cat Training – Learn To Outsmart Your Cat

A fun way to get on top of your kitty discipline is to be resourceful in outsmarting your cat. It should all be enjoyable and in no way stressful.

Ok so we know that usually a cat won’t respond that well when we give it a command except when it suits them. One way to improve your cat’s response is to be resourceful. if we can use something that is unpleasant to the cat’s senses in any way it will probably stop doing that naught thing. For example… if a cat is scratching at your nice furniture you could try applying something that gives the cat an unpleasant sensation on their paws like tin foil.

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The idea is to use a gentle praise approach when the cat is behaving acceptable by giving treats and to be resourceful in using items that are unpleasant when the cat is being naughty.

Keeping Your Cat Safe – Protecting Your Cat

Are are some measures that are easy to enforce that we can take top keep our cats safe. Here are some useful precautions that we can take to protect our cats.

One way that works really well to keep your cat safe is when your cat is a kitten, simply keep it indoors. Now cats being especially cunning will find ways to get out when they are bigger however they will also grow to wiser and more able. When they are mittens just be sure that everyone at home is mindful of keeping the doors and windows closed so that kitty can’t get out.

Another way to keep kitty safe is to put the loose wires and cords away and out of reach of kitty. We are all aware that if something is dangling and moving in front of a cat, that it will be instantly attracted to it.

Also make sure that other object like curtains and blinds are secure so that kitty doesn’t get tangled up in them. Be sure to put away anything that is easily breakable. after some time we can observe where our cat likes to run, play and jump and we’ll be able to see a distinctive pattern of repetition so we’ll have a very good idea of what areas we’ll need to keep clear.

Even though we know that cats love to play will string and cotton wool yarn, we should be aware that cats will chew on these objects and can possibly choke so play diligently and keep these objects away where possible.

How To Train A Cat To Use A Litter Box

Training your cat to use a litter box doesn’t need to be stressful so you can rest assured there’s no need to pull your hair out to get your cat to go to the loo. With the right motivation, most cats will enjoy using a litter box for their business. To be successful with litter box training you’ll have to accept some humble ideas that will entice your kitty to use the litter box as their preferred place to go.

Here are some hints and tips to help train your cute little kitten go in the litter box.Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.16.38 am

Because the materials of the litter box are much like that of a place where a cat would usually do it’s business, you might find that your cat is naturally drawn to use the litter box as it’s usual place to do it’s business. In the event that your cat needs a little help here’s what you can do. It’s useful to take notice of when your cat likes to go to the toilet. At the time when your kitten would usually go… gently place it in the litter box and that will encourage your kitty to do it’s business at the appropriate time. Do this over and over so that the kitten will eventually find the litter box itself when it’s time to go.

Make sure you have the litter box in a quiet suitable area where there is not allot of things that can startle the kitten or distract it from doing the job. Take a look at the height of the litter box to make sure that kitty can enter and exit with ease.