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Cats That Bite Or Scratch – Controlling Cat Aggression

It’s normal for a cat to react to something that’s causing discomfort by biting and scratching. If we can find the cause of the discomfort we will be closer to having a friendlier cat.Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.16.29 am

It takes some strategy to teach a cat to react appropriately. We know that cats enjoy being stroked but when they feel like they’ve had enough they can sometimes scratch or bite. This is not really an acceptable means and we can try to fix it. When stroking we might try to stroke gently until we feel that kitty is becoming restless of fidgety and then we can relax with the stroking before kitty decides to retaliate with a scratch. We can even try to change it up by stroking a different part of the cat and then changing again. Soon enough we should be able to extend our cat stroking sessions and kitty will eventually accept that the not so comfortable stroking will go hand in hand with the more pleasurable stroking.

Cats are natural preditors so it is natural that a cat will need to bite things. This is why it’s important to supply kitty with toys that they can bite and can relieve their urge to bite.