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Keeping Your Cat Safe – Protecting Your Cat

Are are some measures that are easy to enforce that we can take top keep our cats safe. Here are some useful precautions that we can take to protect our cats.

One way that works really well to keep your cat safe is when your cat is a kitten, simply keep it indoors. Now cats being especially cunning will find ways to get out when they are bigger however they will also grow to wiser and more able. When they are mittens just be sure that everyone at home is mindful of keeping the doors and windows closed so that kitty can’t get out.

Another way to keep kitty safe is to put the loose wires and cords away and out of reach of kitty. We are all aware that if something is dangling and moving in front of a cat, that it will be instantly attracted to it.

Also make sure that other object like curtains and blinds are secure so that kitty doesn’t get tangled up in them. Be sure to put away anything that is easily breakable. after some time we can observe where our cat likes to run, play and jump and we’ll be able to see a distinctive pattern of repetition so we’ll have a very good idea of what areas we’ll need to keep clear.

Even though we know that cats love to play will string and cotton wool yarn, we should be aware that cats will chew on these objects and can possibly choke so play diligently and keep these objects away where possible.