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Cat Training Basics – How To Train Kittens

Understanding that training a cat isn’t like training a dog is a good way to start the journey of training your cat. Unlike dogs, cats won’t usually go out of their way to do things just to please their owners. one might find that generally if a cat doesn’t feel like doing anything you ask it or if there’s nothing in it for them, they may just totally ignore your commands. With this in mind let’s go ahead and take a look at some cat training basics.

When training your cat one proven method that’s known to work really well is the positive reinforcement system.

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That’s know that in the past some Owners like to use methods to start all the cats like loud noises or even spraying the cats with water to show disapproval for certain behavioural traits. Sometimes these methods might work really well and other times these methods can be a source of confusion for the cat because they might not really understand what the owner is not happy about. It can get even more confusing when the cat thinks that the owner is just trying to play rather then implement corrective measures and then it won’t really work at all.

One method that can be used to communicate negative actions to your cat would be to use a student voice that, man your cats attention to show disapproval that cat is doing something naughty or a little undesirable. In many cases this has proven to deter the cat from being a cheeky little thing and removes the cat from that naughty action even if it’s just for a little while. Cat lovers and Training experts like would agree that when using physical exertion to correct cats behaviour such as hitting the cat, would not  be beneficial to the poor little cat but could also cause the cat to be fearful of its owner. Your cat that could cause it to have behavioural changes that would not be positive and not only that, it could also cause patterns of misbehaviour and a lot of stress for the cat.