Have Fun With Cat Training – Learn To Outsmart Your Cat

A fun way to get on top of your kitty discipline is to be resourceful in outsmarting your cat. It should all be enjoyable and in no way stressful.

Ok so we know that usually a cat won’t respond that well when we give it a command except when it suits them. One way to improve your cat’s response is to be resourceful. if we can use something that is unpleasant to the cat’s senses in any way it will probably stop doing that naught thing. For example… if a cat is scratching at your nice furniture you could try applying something that gives the cat an unpleasant sensation on their paws like tin foil.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.15.28 am

The idea is to use a gentle praise approach when the cat is behaving acceptable by giving treats and to be resourceful in using items that are unpleasant when the cat is being naughty.

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