How To Train A Cat To Use A Litter Box

Training your cat to use a litter box doesn’t need to be stressful so you can rest assured there’s no need to pull your hair out to get your cat to go to the loo. With the right motivation, most cats will enjoy using a litter box for their business. To be successful with litter box training you’ll have to accept some humble ideas that will entice your kitty to use the litter box as their preferred place to go.

Here are some hints and tips to help train your cute little kitten go in the litter box.Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.16.38 am

Because the materials of the litter box are much like that of a place where a cat would usually do it’s business, you might find that your cat is naturally drawn to use the litter box as it’s usual place to do it’s business. In the event that your cat needs a little help here’s what you can do. It’s useful to take notice of when your cat likes to go to the toilet. At the time when your kitten would usually go… gently place it in the litter box and that will encourage your kitty to do it’s business at the appropriate time. Do this over and over so that the kitten will eventually find the litter box itself when it’s time to go.

Make sure you have the litter box in a quiet suitable area where there is not allot of things that can startle the kitten or distract it from doing the job. Take a look at the height of the litter box to make sure that kitty can enter and exit with ease.

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