What If You Don’t Train Your Cat?

There can be some problems that you might not be able to fix if you choose not to train your kitten. When you give a cat free range it’s not able to control and understand what is a bad behavioural pattern. This can turn into long term problems that you might find irreparable.

There are some trainings that should be looked at when your cat is a kitten. litter training is one of these important things to do. It is possibly the easiest of trainings however if you choose not to litter box train your kitten the consequences can be dreadful as cat poo can have quite an undesirable smell to it causing your home to reek and your surroundings to be very unpleasant. As a result this can cause problems with relationships and may be a contributing factor with friends deciding not to visit anymore.Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.15.38 am

Although training your cat can take some persistence, the results are having a tame furry friend and companion are spectacular. don’t give up on your cat and you’ll have a buddy that will bring you lots of joy and be a nice companion in those times when you need one the most.

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